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"Grounding" Chakra 1 Oil Blend

"Grounding" Chakra 1 Oil Blend Image

Feel connected with our chakra 1 balancing oil blend.

We created a blend of essential oils, including wildcrafted Rosewood, organic Bergamot and organic Patchouli to our base of organic sunflower oil.

We have also used this oil blend to create an organic soap.

The essential oils have been diluted so they are safe to use directly on your skin; try using it one or all of these ways:

- Apply to pulse points, wrists, heart, feet, back of neck, under nose
- Add 10 to 15 drops to bath
- Place 10 drops to candle diffuser
- Inhale deeply for re-charge

Not sure if your first chakra is out of balance? Ask yourself these questions:

- Do you often feel like the "sky is falling"?
- Do you over-commit yourself?
- Do you constantly stress about money and finances?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your first chakra may be out of balance.

Read more about the first chakra

Packaged in a 10ml
miron violet glass bottle. See why it makes a difference...

For external use only.

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